Sākums / Norises / 2015

The University of Tartu, the Livonian Culture Centre and the Latvian Language Agency invite you to participate in the international scientific conference „LIVONICA V: Significance of Livonian Heritage” that will be held on 10 September 2015.

Conference topics: language, history, cultural history, literature, ethnology, music etc.

 Conference organizers: Līvõ Kultūr Sidām (Livonian Culture Centre), University of Tartu and Latvian Language Agency.

Place: Riga

Working languages of the conference: Livonian, Estonian, Latvian, English.

Please submit the abstract of your paper electronically by 30 May 2015.

The papers will be published in conference proceedings after the conference. All papers are published in English and reviewed by the editorial committee.

Please submit your paper for publishing by 30 September 2015.

Scientific and organising committee of the conference, editorial committee of the proceedings:

Dr. hist. Renāte Blumberga (Livonian Culture Centre)

Dr. phil. Valts Ernštreits (Livonian Culture Centre, University of Tartu)

Dr. phil. Karl Pajusalu (University of Tartu)

Dr. philol. Tiit-Rein Viitso (University of Tartu)

Dr. philol. Eberhard Winkler (University of Göttingen)

Dr. philol. Inita Vītola (Latvian Language Agency)

Contact persons:

Renāte Blumberga                                                       Gunta Kļava

Livonian Culture Centre                                                          Latvian Language Agency

E-mail: renate.blumberga@gmail.com                         E-mail: gunta.klava@valoda.lv


International Scientific Confenrece 


10 September 2015 






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Please submit your abstract to Renāte Blumberga (renate.blumberga@gmail.com) or Gunta Kļava (gunta.klava@valoda.lv) by 30 May 2015.

Please submit the manuscript for publishing in the conference proceedings to Renāte Blumberga (renate.blumberga@gmail.com) or Gunta Kļava (gunta.klava@valoda.lv) by 30 September 2015.