Daily words
lu’ggõ vt
(a) lugeda ▫ lasīt ● Ma lugūb rǭntõzt. Ma loen raamatut. ▫ Es lasu grāmatu. Ma lugūb rǭntidi. Ma loen raamatuid. ▫ Es lasu grāmatas. (b) loendada, lugeda, arvata ▫ skaitīt ♦ lu’ggõs ulzõ EVII välja arvatud ▫ izņemot, neskaitot ● Sa lugūd lešti. Sa loed lesti. ▫ Tu skaiti butes. Ma lugūb, mits nī’emõ attõ. KK78a71 Ma loen, mitu lehma on. ▫ Es skaitu, cik govju ir. Nēḑi võib sūormõd pǟl lu’ggõ, ä’b ūo mingi pǟgiņ. KK77b Neid võib sõrmedel lugeda, ei ole mingi palju. ▫ Tos var uz pirkstiem saskaitīt, nav neko daudz.

ne’i|je’nnõ adv
 niipalju ▫ cik, cik daudz, tik daudz

Ūoņțjoug l

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1980 – a manuscript of the first Liv book published during the third awakening of Livs ‘Liv Traditional Songs’ by Pētõr Damberg and Tõnu Karma was approved.
1944 – Irisa Priedīte, an expert in ethnography was born.
1881 – Mar? Lepste, a Liv language teacher in North Kurzeme villages (1923-1938), chairman of the Liv Union (1924-1933) was born. Died in 1958.
1939 – Aldis Ermanbriks, a lifelong chairman of the Liv Union was born.
1938 – in Mazirbe, a festive ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the Liv Community House took place.