Daily words
tȭlzit s
 nüridus ▫ trulums

ūrma s
(a) juga, vool ▫ strūkla  vie’r|ūrma verejuga, verevool ▫ asins strūkla (b) elektrivool ▫ strāva

rǟnka s
 kõnd -u, viljatu maa ▫ neauglīga zeme ● Ä’b vȯlkstõ mä’d izād ne’i pǟgiņ kāndatõs tīedõ tī’enõd, si’z mä’d mǭ vȯlks rǟnka, kus midēgõst ä’b kazāks. JL77 Ei oleks meie isad nii palju kannatades tööd teinud, siis me maa oleks kõnd, kus midagi ei kasvaks. ▫ Ja mūsu tēvi nebūtu tik daudz ciezdami darbu darījuši, tad mūsu zeme būtu neauglīga, kur nekas neaugtu.

This portal was created by Līvõ Kultūr sidām (The Livonian Culture Centre) and offers a wide range of information on the Livonians, their culture, language, and history. Here you can discover the places the Livonians have lived, their cultural monuments, the location of their most important archives, and also about new Livonian-related events and exhibitions. You can learn about Livonian traditional and contemporary culture as well as become acquainted with their community organisations and most important personalities. The UL Livonian Institute section contains information about this institution as well as Livonian-Estonian-Latvian dictionary which is updated on an ongoing basis and which is supplemented with word forms and data from the Livonian language corpus. This section also contains the Livonian place name list, a list of Livonian borrowings in Latvian, and other resources for learning about and studying Livonian. The Library section contains a collection of articles, links, and videos on Livonian topics grouped by category.

We wish you success learning about Livonian culture!

1994 – in Mazirbe, an international scientific conference ‘Livs and their culture: conservation theory and experience of small nations’ language and culture’ took place.
2000 – Kersti Boiko presented her Liv text-book.
1939 – in Mazirbe, the Liv Community House was opened.
1930 – Veljo Tormis, an Estonian composer was born. He richly used the traditional Finno-Ugric, including Liv tunes in his music.
1949 – Helmī Stalte, a Liv folklore expert, was born.