Daily words
vī’ri ǭ’biļ com
(a) (Trifolium aureum) kuldristik ▫ zeltainais āboliņš (b) (Medicago falcata) kollane lutsern ▫ dzeltenā lucerna

izā|sõzār s
 isaõde, sõtse ▫ tēvamāsa, tante

õ’ldzi adj
 ere, hele ▫ spožs, spilgts ♦ õ’ldzi va’l ere valgus ▫ spilgta gaisma; õ’ldzi ǭ’rõn ere riie ▫ spilgta drāna; õ’ldzi kǭra ere värv ▫ spilgta krāsa; õ’ldzi siņņi helesinine ▫ gaiši zils

In 2018, thanks to the work of Līvõ Kultūr sidām (Livonian Culture Centre) and support for this work from the Republic of Latvia’s Ministry of Culture, this portal is reaching its readers in a new, updated form. Livones.net continues to be a storehouse of extensive information on the Livonians, their culture, language, and history. The portal now has a new appearance and has been supplemented with several important new sections.

The most significant of these is lingua.livones.net, which contains several different Livonian language resources accessible at the top of the page. This section contains the Livonian-Estonian-Latvian dictionary, which has been supplemented with word forms and other data from the Livonian language corpus and is updated on a continuous basis, the Livonian place name register, a list of Livonian borrowings into Latvian, and other resources for learning about and studying Livonian.

The next most important section is the Library, which contains articles, links, and videos relating to the Livonians arranged by category.

We wish you success in learning about Livonian culture!

1924 – the 1st Liv Song Festivity in Mazirbe took place.
1860 – in Pitrags village, Maŗi Šaltjār (b. Berthold), an outstanding folklore authority and narrator was born. Died 1930.
1926 – Eduard Vääri, a philologist and researcher of the Liv language was born. Died in 2005.
1996 – in Mazirbe Liv Community House, a visiting session of Latvian Academy of Sciences, took place to commemorate the 150th anniversary of A. J. Sjögren’s expedition to the Livs and the Wots.
1937 – Andris Caune, an archaelogist and researcher of the Liv history was born.