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The Livonians are a Finnic people indigenous to Latvia and have had great significance in the development of the modern Latvian language and culture. Latvian formed as a result of contact between Livonian and several ancient Baltic nations – the Latgalians, Semigallians, and Curonians – and its unique characteristics arose specifically as a result of this mutual influence.

Likewise, the influence of Livonian can be felt throughout Latvian traditional and contemporary culture from folklore to culinary traditions. For this reason, Livonian traditional culture has been incorporated into the Latvian cultural canon and the role of Livonian traditions in the formation of Latvian identity is emphasized in the preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia.

The Livonians have managed to maintain their language and culture up to the present day, and have continued to develop it as they have become part of the modern cultural space of Latvia.

Pendant – waterbird. 11th century. Satesele hllfort.