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The article discusses the occurrence of Salaca Livonian verb prefixes based on Andreas Sjögren’s data. Considering the relevant studies in Courland Livonian and the fact that Salaca Livonian was already a dying language at the time of Sjögren frequent use of verb prefixes would be expected. However, the analysis shows that on the one hand the use of verb prefixes is not very frequent, on the other hand they can mainly be found in written texts translated directly from Latvian to Livonian: in most cases the prefixes occur in Livonian when they are also presen in Latvian. Moreover, it appears that verb prefixes have been adopted in Salaca Livonian but only to a small extent.

ESUKA / JEFUL. Special issue “Keele kõrgendikud”. 2017.

Full article: Eberhard Winkler, Salaca Livonian Verb Prefixes = Verbiprefiksid Salatsi liivi keeles [ESUKA / JEFUL 2017, 8–1]