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The article provides insight into the process of various grammatical changes in Livonian and Latvian that have taken place as a result of prolonged contact between the languages. The paper presents case studies illustrating the changes of the case system in Livonian – the disappearance of exterior locative cases and the formation of dative, the merging of the translative and the comitative and the formation of the instrumental, the development of prefixes from inherited words, composition of negation, as well as semantic changes in the Latvian locative, formation of Latvian compounds using the Livonian pattern, formation of perfective verb forms using the construction ‘motion verb + adverb’ instead of Latvian prefix verbs.

ESUKA / JEFUL. Special Issue “Studies on Livonian I”. 2014.

Full article: Gunta Kļava, Grammatical changes caused by contact between Livonian and Latvian [ESUKA – JEFUL 2014, 5–1]