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Researchers of Finnic languages have stressed the special position of Livonian among its close relatives due to the great number of Latvian loan elements. The Latvian influence is noteworthy and present in all levels of the language. Baltic influence on Livonian is, however, more diverse both linguistically and chronologically. Livonians, especially Courland Livonians have been in contact with Curonians – their close neighbours – for a longer period of time. This is because Livonian has preserved a number of linguistic elements from Old Curonian – a language that belonged to the Baltic language group. The nature of Curonian and its position among other Baltic language has been – and still is – a matter of dispute. In the article, the possible Curonian elements in various levels of Livonian are presented and analysed.

ESUKA / JEFUL. Special Issue “Studies on Livonian I”. 2014.

Full article: Lembit Vaba, Curonian linguistic elements in Livonian [ESUKA – JEFUL 2014, 5–1]